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It could be a lot worse. In other odd outfit combos, Michelle has thrown together her outfit from whatever was on the floor. Thankfully, we only have one full-body shot where we are forced to look at her in those dumpy red pants and yellow pumps. Why Thank You Ms. So basically, you know the drill. They have to guess what their partner will say.

‘Bachelor Pad’ to have supersized 3-hour premiere —

The winners get roses and a date, second place gets a date. In the end, Graham and Michelle beat out Blake and Erica for the win. If not for the incredible attractive and sneaky super couple, they would have won. Alas, they do not and we are forced to listen to them scheme the rest of the episode. The real losers though, appear to be Michael and Holly — watching his desperation and her attempts to sweetly push him away are becoming more painful by the minute. Let the awkwardness begin! The group pretends to be excited as they hear an approaching helicopter.

It is the second most common form of transportation on this show, right behind expensive foreign sports car and just ahead of private jet. They leave the crew of filthy pajama wearers in the dust as they head out into the California sky. The helicopter lands on the same hotel roof-top where all Bachelor ette dates go down. They seriously must be running a shuttle between the pad and this place.

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They head down to the pool and settle in for a pool-side movie night. Back at the pad: Kirk and Ella are precious. Oh yeah and Kasey and Vienna get into a really gross fight about doing it in front of everyone oh wait, that came out weird. The fight was in front of everyone not about doing it in front of everyone.

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  7. The Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi now dating The Bachelorette's Kasey Kahl.

Just when I thought it was safe to uncover them, I hear the word cuddle and I immediately cover my eyes until Drew says its safe to come out from under the blanket. Cue the shameless product promotion while I contemplate how prune-y you must get watching an entire movie in a pool. Clearly the movie sucks since they give up half-way in and just start making out to pass the time. I am still worried that Michelle might eat him. The mission is clear for Erica. You know get her out of the picture and all.

The date between Erica and Blake is pretty much full of nonsense until they get to the dinner table. There they find two roses. These roses are to be given out. No but really, Erica seriously wants to get it on with Blake. I get the awkward goosebumps watching this. I am so over these two. Rather than listen, I try to find which muppet I think Holly looks most like.


After making Michael run away in sadness for the time, Holly and Ella grab their favorite hair accessories and sit down for a fire-side chat about feelings. Seriously, that could have happened. After dangling the bait in front of Kirk and Ella you know, the semi-normal ones who really need the money and most likely will not stab you in the back , Blerica makes the worst decision of their lives well, okay maybe like the 5th worst. Blake thinks he can really trust Kasey.

Bachelor Alum Vienna Girardi Is Pregnant With Twins

This rose ultimately seals their fate. It also causes Ella to run away crying. I would cry too if someone chose Kasey over me for anything even mildly positive. It appears we are stuck with these a-holes for another episode. To make matters worse, we are forced to watch Vienna do some sort of silent, mime routing with her rose.

Will she choose love in the loosest form of the word or doing the right thing and by right, I mean what everyone else is doing. Blake, who is a supreme idiot, gets what he deserves and Erica is crazy collateral damage. He heads off knowing that Holly cast the deciding vote. She wrote him a love letter. All is not lost, she promises that their love will continue outside the pad. Are you happy that Blake is gone?

Filed under Bachelor Pad. Last week on Bachelor Pad, things went dark right before they sent Jake packing. Would it be a surprise twist?

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  • Would he go nutso and attack Kasey? Would he be staying in a tie vote? Lots of conspiracy theories led up to a big giant disappointment. Chris, just like everyone else on these shows, you lied. All in all a major disappointment on that hanging chad of an episode. Oh well, luckily for all of us, Melissa will bring enough SE for three seasons in this single episode. Post Rose Ceremony, Vienna thanks everyone for kicking Jake off for her.

    If only I thought she was capable of such conniving. A very special challenge …. Ugh, sorry for the rant but last season the BP gang were all over this challenge. Natalie almost jumped out of her cropped top for this challenge. So to see this group just totally dismiss it, I was hit with a couple of emotions. Thankfully, someone reminded these idiots that they are on Bachelor Pad and, with the exception of Michelle who must have one real moral, yeah just one , the gang decide to give this whole kissing thing a go. Very similar to their entire relationship except without track 5 always playing in the background.

    While the rest of the guys respectfully plant a peck kiss on Holly, Blake goes in for the kill it killed my insides having to watch it. I settled back in just to see Melissa begin to unravel. Note to self — Remember to eat a very light dinner before BP until Vienna is voted off.

    Is vienna still dating kasey - 10 stora platser för att möta Kvinna

    Does anyone else think Vienna is channeling Britney Spears from her trucker hat, cut-offs, eye-liner, early K-Fed days? On to the ladies. Ella, who also has a child but is here for the money honey, puckers up and is ready to get her make-out on. We did get two great pieces of information in this challenge though. As we all predicted, Kasey Kahl has bad breath. I predict it smells like farts and dust Too gross?

    Blake winning the challenge opens up the flood gates of crazy for Melissa. Watch out Blake because this girl is unrelenting just ask the camera men who have been chasing her ass around the house. She picks Kirk which makes me happy since these two are the only ones who seems slightly normal as well as deserving of the money.

    Ella takes the wheel and they take the one mile drive to the other mansion ABC owns for these shows. She is out of control. And just in case you were on the fence about her craziness, ABC cues up the kooky music which just further confirms the madness.