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Burns , there is a chapter on The Sexual Purity Challenge. Letters are received every day from ordinary people who are making an extraordinary decision for God and for themselves. Thousands of young people have taken The Sexual Purity Challenge, as we did last month. Why do you think sexual sin stays longer in our lives than other sins?

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Sex and Dating Discussion Questions

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Questions about Relationships

I had the opportunity to meet and talk to many different types of women both in personality and beliefs. When dating, I learned early on that I needed to better prepare and intently listen if I wanted to truly appreciate the conversation and evaluate the potential of the date. To help propel the preparation I developed a list of basic questions. These questions were progressive in nature and were freely integrated into the conversation where appropriate. Today, that list exceeds That evening I blurted out I had a list. Sure enough, there were tons of questions about the questions.

I explained there were obvious questions which are normally asked on a first date that some answer favorably. Failure to uncover things within the first few dates can get some singles in trouble with establishing boundaries as things progress. The lack of good boundaries allows false trust to enter.

Subsequently bad behavior may be overlooked leaving the heart exposed, crippling the ability to easily walk away.

You need to ask good questions in order to discover the person in front of you before your hearts starts to lean toward or fall for them. Second, these questions are progressive in nature and are always done in person. There are first date questions and ones after. Third, sometimes questions can come across as expectations by the way they are phrased.

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  5. While in reality some are the focus should be on non-negotiable responses. Finally, be prepared to test things. If they seem offended or taken back by your questions, this could also be a sign of how they resolve conflict. These questions are to be introduced into common conversation.

    5 First Date Questions Single Christians Should Ask

    This question uncovers the depth of friendships in their life. It is uncommon for men to have deep emotional friendships with other men. What you are looking for is the emotional and intellectual depth that aligns with yours. Also, that they have people involved in their life. I am a firm believer that there is no wrong answer to this.

    What you are looking for here are the things you are comfortable with that coincide with your history. This is a great way to get them talking. Remember to simply listen and respond with kind banter. How long will you wait? Will someone stay home with the kids or will they be in daycare? If someone will stay home — who? If you want kids but are unable to, what will you do? What are your feelings about adoption? How much should the man be involved in raising the children? What kind of home do you want your children growing up in?

    What do you think your children will teach you? What questions do you have about children after this conversation? Professional Goals What will you do? Where will you live?

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    What comes with the job you have chosen? Consistent salary or commission? What questions do you have about professional goals after this conversation? Personal Growth What books have you read lately? What are your strengths, weaknesses?

    10 Questions Christian Women Should Ask Men Who Approach Them

    What strengths could you be working more on? What courses or seminars have you attended last year? What questions do you have about Personal Growth after this conversation? What first attracted you to each other? Do you exercise regularly? What exercise do you like to do together? What turns you off sexually about the other person? How do you feel about alcohol? How do you feel about smoking? What questions do you have about Personal Health after this conversation?

    Brett Ullman travels North America speaking to teens, young adults, leaders and parents on topics including sexuality, mental health, men, dating and media. Brett's seminars engage and challenge attendees to try and connect our ancient faith with our modern culture we live in.