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But the chances of you dating someone like this are slim. If you can learn to disagree respectfully, you can work out your differences. There are plenty of ways to gracefully have differing opinions without verbally ripping each other to shreds. We know you want to share all of your thoughts and feelings with your partner. Or, you can even choose to avoid political discussions altogether. As Susan Heitler, Ph. The first step to being a better listener? With the Fourth of July behind us and the November midterm elections on the horizon register to vote here , I decided to ask people, "Would you date someone whose political views differed from yours?

Of those who voted, 51 percent said they would date someone with different political views, while 49 percent said they wouldn't.

You’re Voting for Hillary, He’s Supporting Trump: Should You Just Break Up Now?

To delve further into this issue, I took to the streets of New York City to ask five Americans — and one Brit — the same question. One young woman, Kaya, was a hard no. I think it would be really difficult," she told me. Yeah, I don't know.

Do Political Opinions Matter in a Relationship? - Tell My Story

Now, you don't have to match everything that you say and do and believe in," she continued. For me, it would be. Another single woman, Christine, agreed — having learned from previous experience that opposites may attract, but not for long. Not because of politics, but because of values that might be associated with that.

I Need Advice Dating someone with different political views I've 31f been dating my boyfriend 30m for almost 2 months, things have been delightful overall. I'm a pretty optimistic person, and the thought of creating a war as a good thing gets me upset. I really care for this man, but doubt there would be much of a future with some of these differences.

Honestly, whether you should stay or go, really depends on how much you care about that person.

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Why I say this, is because my maternal grandparents never agreed politically. He was more "republican" and she was more "democratic".

  • Dating Someone With Different Political Beliefs? Here’s How To Cope.
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They both lived a long and happy life together and were very much in love, despite having "opposing political views". Personally, I can say the old school way of getting along works great. My bf and I have a lot of differences and don't agree on every subject. But, when we do agree on a topic such as parenting our baby and financial matters, etc.

You’re Voting for Hillary, He’s Supporting Trump: Should You Just Break Up Now?

And sometimes our difference in opinion, can even make us a stronger couple aka- not sticking to just one way of viewing something. I'd have to say my grandparents were right. And I'd also have to admit, the longevity of so many "old school" couples from their generation, who have stayed together for most of their lives, could really teach today's generations a thing or two about what should be considered more important in a relationship and what should not.

I've read, that its okay to have "differing values" as long as they don't become conflicting values or was it "contracting"? Yes, because if you and your partner dont have the same values and they are too diverse from each other, then that can cause a rift between you. And no, because if you do have differing values, but respect each other for who you are, without forcing your own beliefs onto the other person in order to be with them, the relationship can still thrive.

At the end of the day, it's about not forcing the one you care about, to be something they are not. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs and values. It's up to both partners, however, to see if those values and beliefs will compliment and strengthen the relationship, rather than weaken it.

Thank you for this input! I can sympathize with you and personally I completely agree with you about Mr.

I Asked People 'Would You Date Someone With Different Political Views Than You?'

Trump and his "opinions" on women. However, something I was told by my grandmother, when she was still living, was the following, "The US and thr world have always had issues in their politics. And there have been and always will be opposing views on certain people in power and issues.

The thing is, times change, people leave their positions and we move on. So, the quicker we learn to not focus so much on what is negative in the moment, and instead focus on what could be for the future, the better off we will be for it".

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She was an optomistic woman and I am guilty to have picked up her way of looking at the world. Respect in a relationship and how he treats you as a woman is very important. But, if someone makes or breaks a relationship based solely on disagreements about certain subjects, then that's not a healthy way to go about the dating experience. Just my two cents, hope it helps!