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Ladies if you are single, be very, very careful who you date and marry. Don't just date a man who you can put up with, marry a man you can trust, you'll follow his leadership, you'll respect him, he's saved, he's godly. The last thing you want is some guy you don't trust, he's not wise, he doesn't do his homework, he's harsh, he's inconsiderate, he's immature, he's a boy, you're more his mother than you are his mate, Real danger Stop looking for the path of least resistance and start running down the path of greatest glory to God and good to others, because that's what Jesus, the Real Man, did.

Truthless times need timeless truths. Mark Driscoll Quotes about: You May Also Like: Bishop Tudor Bismark Reverend Minister.

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The right response might have been: A smirk and a head shake. Then it should have been OVER. They were how old when this story finally dribbles out? And expecting a child, no less.

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No sign that she was truly in love with whoever she fooled around with at teen sleepover camp. This is old business, but Driscoll is mad about it. Sorry, but Driscoll creeps me out. Where do you get this stuff? Neither Driscoll says she cheated on him. Found a few issues. Not that such beliefs will help you Atheists to wise up joke!

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It is all in the videos of his on youtube. I am so deeply saddened at his version of Christianity I can hardly express it. I have friends who were raped, others who mocked as being gay due to their more masculine women or feminine men outer appearance. All those people are deeply, deeply damaged by the sort of teaching that Driscoll and his mentor John Piper and others toss out to the American Church. I hope that as Atheists when you interact with folk of faith, you find at least some who have more than this cartoonish version of what rather ought to be a many-faceted, beautiful, and complex set of beliefs.

Thanks for posting the review. What is up with men like that who expect their wives to be the virgin Mary and good in bed at the same time? Putting people down, misogyny, homophobia, bullying-type language, judgemental remarks and hypocritical condemnations do NOT demonstrate that love. In this respect, I agree with most everyone here that Driscoll is an ass one loved by God — haha and the attitudes he espouses fall far left of what God would have him as a church leader to show.

My heart weeps over the things he says about his wife. What happened to grace, forgiveness and mercy?

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These basic, quite fundamental Christian traits seem to be missing from his faith walk. I promise you that not all of us are like that. I think it was a more than a dream. Driscoll claims God shows him visions usually of a sleazy sexual nature ; for the record, I am skeptical of this. And I come from a religious tradition that acknowledges visions. Interesting for a guy whose official picture looks like a Pillsbury doughboy in a Mickey Mouse T-shirt. The guy shows every sign of heading for a train wreck. My husband and very rarely have sex and I never enjoy it when we do because he insists on religious pure sex — including no contraception.

You can go on birth control. I wonder if the inclusion of sexual abuse in the list of sins is an fault of really bad editing. Of course, that raises another issue: He needed something to blame them on.

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No one comes to the conclusion that gods are fictional simply because one preacher is a big old meanie. Driscoll might be the reason that some people began to critically examine their faith, but the end result of abandoning Christianity instead of just moving to a more liberal form of the religion is surely due to what they learned and discovered in the process of that examination. What does your own church teach? Our church is pretty moderate — far more liberal than some, much more conservative than others. Some Baptist preachers would perform the ceremony, but likely outside of the building so as not to offend more conservative-minded members, though more liberal Baptists will do same-sex church weddings agree or not, it is what it is.

Our state will be voting on a ban to the same-sex marriage amendment.

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Our church believes that women are completely equal to men and should serve equally. They can be ordained as deacons, preachers or missionaries the three ordained positions in the Baptist church. Christianity is a man-made faith tradition. It does teach that those who reject Jesus Christ will go to hell. However, after much spirited discussion, our small group believes that people who died without knowing Jesus will get a chance to do so after they die i.

While I can see how this came to be through their lenses, from my perspective, it seems to be a warped syllogism. Then C If the people at this church are like that, then God must be like that and I reject all of them. How could God allow this to happen? There must not be a God.

The problem of evil is one reason for a lack of belief in a god though one could still believe in an all powerful, all knowing god who likes tormenting its creations and experience within an organized religion might give one a close up with cruelty and cause people to start to question. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Sara. How would a married lesbian couple and their two children be received in your congregation? Would the children having two mothers be affirmed in Sunday School or youth group? If the answer is no, then your church is merely tacitly rather than overtly homophobic.

No church that promotes hell-belief is moral in my book. The only versions of Christianity that I would find morally acceptable are those that have done away with the concept of a negative afterlife, not just for non-believers, but for anyone. My question is why are a bunch of athiests so interested in a Christian book?

I a Christian wife and mother stumbled upon this article, while searching for information about the Driscolls new book…. I normally do not allow myself to get dragged into such ignorance, but this I could not resist. I have better, more important things to do than to look for futile ways to tear down someone elses beliefs. Great premise, fairly humanistic in the best sense of the word , and based on solid clinical experience. I rejected Christianity due to the type of ideas Driscoll promotes. Why reject Jesus because of Mark Driscoll??

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If you are so sure that you are right, let it go move on go live life as you please…. Then why waste your time reading his material?

Oh I get it you athiests are trying to force your beliefs on the rest of us. If you had read the entire book you would understand, maybe not agree, but understand. You are wrong about him not forcing his beliefs on others. He has many followers who are harmed by his teachings and who then go out and harm other people. He is also an evangelical. Spreading their nonsense is their highest duty in fact. We all choose what books to read and what websites to view. Mark Driscoll teaches the Bible. I pray that Jesus will change your heart. What are you doing commenting here?

Because people, in the name of a god they believe in, cause harm, and do it thinking its a virtue. Then why are you complaining up us complaining about him?

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We are just using this channel to exercise our rights. How about taking your own advice? We all have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Those are two of our most cherished freedoms. Just like you have the right to come here and express your support for the man and his views. I mistakenly thought this was a legitimate book review, and expected inteligent comments.

As I said in my first post, I stumbled onto this site looking for legitimate reviews. They have found peace and joy by living life the way feel led, and are sharing their story. My point was that, based on your advice to us, to ignore things that we find objectionable, you come off as a hypocrite coming here to criticize us for doing the same thing you are!

The irony here is that the best defense of this blog post comes in your own words: To the best of my understanding you were looking for information on the book and you stumbled on this site, and you got incenced that we are not praising the book and came here to tell us to shut up.

Sorry we burst your bubble. Yes I asked you, you answered and I commented on your response. This is how intelligent conversation works. The harm caused by this book and by the attitude Driscoll is promoting is well described in these comments. Describing abhorrent behavior as such is what moral people do.