Joseph gordon levitt dating emma watson

Aside from the fact that Ellen was able to pull off one of the most talked about "Selfies" which includes some of Hollywood's biggest stars where social media site Twitter was filled with reposts of the "epic selfie.

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Emma Watson arrived at the 86th Academy Awards in a lavish black ensemble and looked stunning. The two were "shipped" on the social media site and fans went wild asking that someone produce a film starring the two.

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  3. Joseph Gordon-levitt And Emma Watson Are Dating!.
  4. The chemistry of these two stars at 86th Academy Awards was seemingly extraordinary that fans want them to be a couple. The two presented an award at the Oscars now the entire Internet world believes that the two should definitely date.

    Why Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Would Make the Best Couple | StyleCaster

    Emma Watson is currently in a relationship with her Oxford boyfriend and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is said to be dating someone out of Hollywood to keep his relationship personal. Well, they might not be a real life couple but fans want them to have a movie as a couple and it would surely be something that fans would love to watch.

    They are now considered as the internet's "dream couple. The two also posted a "selfie" together backstage making funny faces with each other and yet again, the web exploded with fans that wanted the two to be a real life couple.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt&Emma Watson - "Some Say Love" Trailer

    Last December, she announced that she was engaged to Alex Ohanian, co-founder of the social engagement site Reddit. And just last month, the tennis champ posted an awesome shot showing that she and Alex were expecting their first child. They have a creativeness which brings nerdiness in vogue, causing us to appreciate them more.

    10 Reasons Why Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Would Make the Best Couple Ever

    It's a win-win for both. A tech guy is a great catch, Susan adds. Occasionally, they speak too much jargon, but wow, don't you just love a man who can change your life with technology? He can fix all your electronics, hook up your blue tooth and navigate all the cool online apps. Once she was single, Elon launched a months-long campaign to woo her, even giving her a TESLA to win her over, one report says.

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    • Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a Couple? Reasons They Should Date!
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    Amber just recently confirmed their relationship by posting a pic of them dining together on her Instagram account. Allison must love a man with a sense of humor. She married the co-founder of CollegeHumor, a popular online destination for a daily giggle.

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