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But I hate that guy. Wheaton, Male, 29 wheatonsim Profile written by: I do not know this man. I am not his dog. He is using me in his photo because he believes that having a dog in his picture will increase interest and lessen the fear that he is a serial killer. Other stuff to know about Wheaton: Please return me to my owner. These are REAL singletons. You like what you see? You like all this weird stuff you just read?

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Featured image via jongraz. Want more poop like this? Sign up for our BarkPost newsletter! You are now pupscribed. The first thing people usually notice about Zoe: What Jonathan looks for in a partner: Fun fact about Wheaton: He also looks as if he'd just had a bong. Linx 1 year ago Looks like Heisenberg..

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Monty Is Fiennes 1 year ago That friend that you feel sympathy for, she cries on your shoulder, asks for your advice, decides she's going to pick herself up and move forward Taryn Wallace 1 year ago Hits on all the young good looking girls by using the line "I got to meet Jerry Garcia once and he told me I would be a great back up guitarist". Virgil Blue 1 year ago "Don't judge me! Monty Is Fiennes 1 year ago I work with this guy Cheese 1 year ago Howard Stern. Justina 1 year ago looks sixty! Talia Johnson 1 year ago Vegan.. Hannah Robertson 1 year ago He has my husband's hat and shoes.

Jilltdcatlady 1 year ago Vegan? John L 1 year ago So, that's what "Rush" looks like these days?! John L 1 year ago A "Carefully Optimistic" lady she is. My kind of girl, who refuses to give up on herself.

John L 1 year ago This is definitely hard to swallow. Jilltdcatlady 1 year ago Votes in every election.


Loudly expresses what's wrong with today's youth. I have worked out to it before. I kid you not. Corinne Wiedemann 1 year ago The overachiever.

4 Brave (And Real!) Singles Let Their Dog Write Their Dating Profile

Sharon Wheeler 1 year ago I want to be her friend. Becca Jones 1 year ago Literally every housewife in Liverpool. John L 1 year ago And runs into walls on a regular basis. Cayman 1 year ago XD "Cheese-its are his jam". Cheese 1 year ago tinder bio: Andrew Gibb 1 year ago I fink u freaky and I like you a lot https: Jilltdcatlady 1 year ago Believes body hair is glorious and should be celebrated.

Enomfon Asuquo 1 year ago If I were a rich man Jilltdcatlady 1 year ago Douche! Jilltdcatlady 1 year ago Sounds like Ted is having a mid-life crisis. Jilltdcatlady 1 year ago Small talks about your strong Aura. Jilltdcatlady 1 year ago Will try anything, once. Abby Lindsey 1 year ago Lots of these have typos. Especially someone who likes lasers as much as I do I don't share toys, bones, and human attention. I'm just here for food.

My owner starves me making me eat only twice a day and gets mad when i watch him eat.

15 Dogs On Tinder That Will Have You Swiping Left - BarkPost

A little dumb but cute. I like to sit on the couch and watch movies. I'll keep you warm in bed. I am high maintenance, but I am clean, cute, playful, and adorable. You will instantly fall in love with me the minute you see me. I'm a little young for the dating scene at 14 weeks, but people tell me I'm an old soul. If you're up for running around madly for an hour twice a day, digging holes in my parent's yard for no reason but sheer joy, chewing on everything that rolls past your field of vision, and trying desperately to play with a ten year old cat, we could be soulmates. I'm currently 24 lbs of white fluffy puppy-love, but Mom says I'm going to be a Big Pyrenees guy someday.

Oui, ma cherie, je suis Francais! Oh, and super bonus! I'm almost reliably house-trained!

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  7. I haven't peed on the floor since Tuesday and, really ladies, it was Daddy's fault. You have to treat me like I'm your King and treasure me but I don't have to treat you like you're my Queen. Grumpy cunt, hate to walk in the rain and prefers to be left alone on the sofa. Enjoy to snore extremely loud.

    An older female looking for companionship in the last years of my life. Though I have pure malta blood I am a very simple girl. But everyone likes their space right? Here is my most recent pic. Me in my winter sweater. I am 10 human years old. I like chasing balls and chewing on sticks. My owner thinks I am a good boy. I like to randomly bark about 9 at night. House trained for 7 years! If you don't fart on your human's face while they sleep, it's a dealbreaker for me.

    Looking for that special bitch to wrestle to the ground and start air humping. My mom says i am the best girl, so obviously you have to think so as well. Will happily take all the belt rubs. Like to eat shoes. All American good boy.

    Friend to everyone, no random screaming at anything. Wind blows i will scream. Single black male seeks cuddle-buddy to watch TV and take naps with. I may be 19 years old, but I am young at heart, and still like to run around the house occasionally. My favorite things to do are to hunt birds at the window, sleep, and watch TV.

    I like getting myself into trouble, too! Must be willing to give me your undivided attention whenever I want, feed me, and play with me. Do that, and I'll give you all the purrs, nose-kisses, and head-butts you can handle! I like to talk a lot of shit. I am sassy as hell and will let you know all about it. I need all of the love.