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Most of the "good" ie personal standards women are married.

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From the remainder it's hard to find someone that you're not only are attracted to, but can get along with. Because it's the location of an oil boom there's significantly more men women. You'll find no lack of jobs here, but cost of living is incredibly high companies cashing in on high income oilfield work. If you're a somewhat attractive female you'll have no trouble finding a man here. If you're a man, best of luck to you. You'll need good looks, or superior charm, or both, and that's not until you filter out the gold diggers and account for personal standards.

I'd say it has a decent dating scene; as you could tell with UT, St. I think we're on one of those lists with the fastest growing young adult populations or something like that. I've been here for almost two months and can't really tell. I go out but I don't really get hit on at all.

I mean besides online lol. A town in NC where everything is 6 degrees of separation. I went out one night, had a few beers, starting talking to a girl who sat down next to me. We part ways later, the next day I go to paddle and my friend shows up with her in tow - it turns out they're coworkers. Another time I was out at an event for my kid's school. Met a hot mom, we hit it off, had some fun.

I find the ratio to be evenly split, however I find there is an abundance of a certain type of girl here. The angry U of T going sjw type that talks about the patriarchy within an hour of meeting them. Its probably just the neighborhood though. Otherwise it seems pretty alright. Not interested in dating but It's normal I guess?

Things seems well balanced here. I also have 0 point of reference so who knows. I'm a young professional, 22 years old, MBA, live with an old friend and his girlfriend close to the city but only know a handful of other people here. I haven't really been looking into the dating scene though. The size of my city is large enough where there are plenty of people to date around. However, it's small enough where everyone has their own comfortable click of friends and people they hangout with all the time.

It's not big enough like Boston, NYC, Chicago where people move here from another city and don't know anyone so they're more likely to go out with people they don't know. However, I know a couple people here who have friends they want to hook me up with and there's a cute girl at my gym that talked to me for an hour yesterday when we were done so odds are if I really wanted to start dating it would be pretty easy. And MCC, why not. Tinder game is strong, but it gets a little boring for me after while.

Lots of colleges around which is nice. Not great, but there are plenty of younger, college aged people near the city, less so out in the suburbs or boroughs. Not very good if you're into asians. They call us Man Jose because there are more men than there are women by a significant margin. I need to get out of here.

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The only plus side is my competition is very much so the same so it's easier to pick up cute girls as they're experiencing a very similar dating environment. Anyhow I am Hispanic and have dated Hispanic girls. Was just trying to say I live in a really fat city, that's majority Hispanic and there are a lot of single moms here. If I lived in Boulder, Colorado I'd be saying mostly white blonde skinny sexy snow bunnies running around.

NYC is great for dating around or short term stuff for men I have a few coworkers who are in the dating scene and we're in software engineering. It seems pretty uniform that it can be pretty easy for guys unless you're some kind of south east Asian persuasion. They have it a little more rough. Purely anecdotal evidence here though. I had an interview at AppNexus a year ago but didn't get the job.

Maybe it's time to brush up my resume, lol. There's plenty of software development jobs out here. It really just depends on what you're looking for. For example, there's always turn over and churn in finance, so it's a good bet you could get in there. However, it's high stress, so it might burn you out.

Like back office tech in finance? I actually just applied to a Quant Finance Masters program in Canada. But if I don't get in then I'll probably try to focus on just SE. Do you have any tips on which technology I should try to focus on? Depends on the company really, and even then which team in that company.

I worked primarily in Java while I was there, and we were heading into some pretty cool Scala and Hadoop territory right before I left. However, population in this city is growing at an absurd rate. We'll see how that affects the averages.

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I went to school abroad where the male-female ration was closer to A lot of hook ups and even serious relationships didn't work. I have also gone to school here in a rural area in California, and there were more guys then girls. There were less hooking up and more LTRs. Right now I am in a suburban area in California and it is about split even, but more hooking up since there are more younger kids in this area. Shitty with a dash of shitty. Theres not really a dating life here.

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I met my SO on OkCupid. More people on Tinder but I prefer OkCupid, as you can answer questions they've already answered and you get to know the person better than using Tinder.

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While I live in a smaller town I live within minutes from the main population centers so I have most of the state available to me. That being said Im a christian so my dating scene is more limited. Generally I stick to church girls but there is not alot of them. Luckily not alot of guys to compete with. Live in LA county. The dating scene is not too bad in my world, I'm 21 and a college student. I've noticed the most amount of dates I get are either by connections or coincidently meeting people.

Connections are usually a friend of a friend who I found attractive and with their help I caught their attention or have their number. The coincidences are usually classroom or work set up and I ask out the girl. Girls here are either very attractive or very unattractive, very little middle ground. Most attractive ones are only into hookups in the rich circles, and most of the less affective ones just don't care.

Among the less affluent circles, I don't know. Got a scholarship to the local rich school, already "one of them. I live on the East Coast of Canada. Dating game here is pretty tough if you are single. It's a small pool, everyone knows everyone, and the good people of both genders are locked down in LTRs. Most people prefer to hang out with old friends than go out partying on the town and meet new people. A campfire or movie night will always draw a larger crowd than a pub crawl.

I think a lot of it has to do with the economy out here and the traditional values. Our generation isn't very religious, but the majority of locals were raised in the roman-catholic system and still hold onto many of the values it teaches. Successful people are buying houses, building careers, and thinking about their future. The successful people in the city are looking for serious partners to build a life with. The dating game isn't dead though.

The university brings in fresh meat every year and there is a bumping night life. The thing is that most of the people hooking up are not really successful. Lots of people are stereotypical gangster hoodlum or skank at the Irish bar. If you want a good partner to date seriously, you NEED to network through friends and private social events. It happens, but it is very rare. Connections run everything in this town. Similarly, you can get laid easily here, but you need low standards.