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Originally Posted by jtgotsjets. Find More Posts by rhm. Cottered cranks are just fine. All you need to know is that that there are horrible thick steel ones, and very nice tapered, or fluted even hollow even, hexagonal The cottered alloy are beauties.

Usually they come from parted out Gnome et Rhone bikes And on the correct bike, nothing looks better than a nice shiny or even patina'd cottered crank. They have their own style. I like looking at both, and I know that with a cotter press, most cottered cranks are no more difficult to work on than a cotterless. Find More Posts by Amani IMO cottered cranks get a bad rap. They aren't terrible to service and in general they have a nice narrow tread. Yes they are a little more work than a tapered Crankset to remove, but its hardly that much worse. Visit Zaphod Beeblebrox's homepage!

A guide to Williams crank and chainring identification

Find More Posts by Zaphod Beeblebrox. They do look pretty cool Find More Posts by awc TA manufactured cottered cranks with alloy arms at one time - the spider handled their Cyclotouriste chainrings. Find More Posts by johnph I've heard that it's sometimes easier to find the chainring that you're looking for with a cotterless crank. Find More Posts by sailorbenjamin. I replaced this one with a Stronglight 93 just to save weight.

The steel Simplex rings are hard to find and expensive when you do, but they last pretty much forever. The frame with 2 small H's on the head tube may in fact be Holland's, but one has Healing decals, the chrome one has no decals.

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The frame numbers on these is in the same place as all the healings, that is, on the right hand side of the seat lug, just above the seatstay junction. It would be good to know when the pinned on chrome H's first appeared. I'm pretty sure that the large fancy braze-on H's continued on the top bikes for a long time after the chrome H was introduced.

Keep the numbers and details coming.

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All my Healings are arguably better build quatity than corresponding Malvern racing frames - that should cause some trouble. Yes I do have team quality racing Five Stars to compare. Good luck trying to sort it and good on you for trying. Interesting thing - the pre mid 's Healing Track frames I have seen and have owned have no provision for brake mounting - as you would expect but the later top quality ones do.

Mine has a curved rear stay bridge with proper brake mounting lug on top. If you study the later pictures of Mockridge on the track you can spot this on his team frames. The one remaining Mochridge bike does have this feature. Would be good if people could also include pictures showing frame details and any known history of their Healing.

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Moderators are like Club Handicappers; I often think they are wrong, but I dont want the job. Gents roadster type frame.

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Horizontal rear open dropouts with mud guard eyelets. BTM tubing decal on seat tube. A smaller frame size. It is a Healing Track bike and would like to know where to look for information about it.

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The decal pin striping is in fair condition, and would like to know if there is some guru here in South Australia that could guide me through restoration process. Last edited by tburg on Thu Mar 10, From conversing with my Uncle he bought it approx The number on the frame is I have linked some pictures. I am interested in its restoration so any information will be helpfull. What's your thoughts on the vintage of this sweet frame? Have an old Healing frame that I am considering disposing of Frame number is HL It is also marked with C and is a "Club Racer" - painted on etc.

It matches those of racing frames for Healing bikes that I have read elsewhere. If that's not your bag, it's the kind of bike I've had an eye out for. I'm an opportunist though. Any pictures to mull over or admire? They guy I bought it off found it in the hard rubbish up the road from his house.

Cottered cranks...when did it end?

I am restoring it for my client who was looking for a old classic bike for riding to the shops etc. Currently all chrome is at the platers and will be starting on the rest of it in the new year. I am told this is a 30's model which from what I have read online is pretty accurate. Pics at Flickr on post below. Last edited by AussieFly on Fri Dec 09, I'm new and don't understand posting pics this way. I have dated the williams cranks at but suspect from the very fancy lug work that the frame is from an earlier time.

I decided to preserve the original paint and decal as best I could so after a good clean I gave it a clear coat.

Here is a link to some pictures of it My Healing Roadster frame pictures The serial number on the seat tube is On the BB there is the number cast on it. On paintwork on the underside gives a good idea what it would have looked like originally. Each tube was royal blue at the lugs.