Istp dating infj

The MBTI is a wonderful tool. It can help us understand one another, strengthen our existing relationships and improve inter-type communication immensely. But it is not the be-all and end-all of compatibility. In fact, it may only be a small component of what makes a relationship work. We had phenomenal conversations, but that was all.

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Ironically, this type is theoretically a horrible match for my type. And yet, for a while, the spark was there in abundance. None of these relationships should, according to MBTI theory, work well. And yet they do.

35 Struggles All ISTP Personalities Face

And the people involved in them are thriving. The MBTI certainly highlights the cognitive differences that arise between different personalities— and it can be a great tool to use to help us work through relationship difficulties as they arise. The Myers-Briggs type indicator can suggest which personality types you are more likely to be intellectually compatible with, but this is only part of what makes a relationship thrive.

Compatibility of love languages and long-term goals and values. Having compatible personality types only gets you part of the way there. But not everyone is looking for someone who balances them out in a relationship. Some people want their partner to be their best friend — in which case they may opt to date someone who has similar or identical functions to their own.

Many people find that they are challenged enough in their everyday lives — and they want their relationship to be their soft spot to land. Finding someone who is your ideal MBTI match does not mean that the relationship will forevermore be effortless. Posting Guide Hall of Fame. Mental Health and Support. Anyome have relationahip experiences with ISTPs? He's such a great human with only good intentions.

He's one of the most patient people I know [except he hates that I run late for everything]. When we first met, he came across as kinda apathetic.

Anyome have relationahip experiences with ISTPs? : infj

It was only that I got to know him better and realized that that's just a front. He's very passionate and pretty sensitive, but I think he's scared of something that makes him build this hard outer shell. We've only been dating about a year and I feel like I'm still getting used to him. We've been having issues with communication recently, but it's been my fault. Sometimes, I'll start thinking or feeling a certain way, but I won't tell him because I'm afraid it will upset him.

Then when I do end up telling him, he always reacts so calmly. It makes me feel stupid, because we could avoid so many quarrels if I would just be upfront with what I'm thinking. They find it hard to trust because they prefer to keep that open channel of communication flowing. It's just that INFJ's find it hard to open up. It's only when we feel like our partner is genuinely interested in what we have to say that we spill our thoughts like an open book. This can be hard at times because ISTP's are also reserved. INFJ's need confirmation that our partners hear us and respect our beliefs.

That's the easiest thing to do to show someone that you're interested in learning more about their thoughts and experiences. INFJ's won't tell you this because we are afraid that you'll think we're needy or clingy, so we'll internalize it. Some of us are afraid of abandonment; we are walking contradictions. We seek close companionship, but we're afraid once we find it that the person will realize how crazy we are inside and they'll flee.

One difference is that I'm a little more spiritual than him.

What is the deal with you, ISTP

I enjoy practicing yoga, and meditating, and reading my horoscope. He's in the medical field, so he's more comfortable with facts and logic. It took me a while to convince him to take the MBTI test, and even then he's not really interested.

Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving

I just think he doesn't see a need to over-complicate the reason for why things exist--he doesn't overthink things like I do! ISTP's are very mechanically competent: Don't get me wrong, INFJ's are logical too, but we prefer to leave things open to interpretation as well. Just for the record, I really enjoy cars and I love learning their mechanics.

It's one of the things my ISTP likes about me because he doesn't know shit about cars, so I teach him what I know and we work on little projects together. But other than that, we're both introverts and enjoy a lot of the same interests. I love how we can spend a whole day together and I never feel tired of him; he doesn't drain my energy like other people do.

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My only complaint is that he's more of a consistent introvert than I am, so he requires more time apart. I'm a little more outgoing, so I'm always down to do everything he suggests and hang out with all his friends. He's a little more particular about how he spends his time, so there are times that he doesn't wanna go out with my friends or whatever. It hurts my feelings sometimes, and can cause me to distance myself, but I'm trying to slow myself down to understand his pace. I'm learning that ISTP's are simple creatures. When an INFJ is quiet, there are thought processes occurring simultaneously.

When an ISTP is quiet, they're quiet. Whether they're listening to the lyrics of a song, or just relaxing, they're pretty straightforward. I wish I could be more like that. INFJ's are perfectionists and picky. We look for that deep connection in others. Intimacy is crucial in romantic relationships. If you can trust and respect the INFJ, and achieve this deeper connection, then things should go smoothly--regardless of romantic or platonic intentions. I hope my perspective helps give you some insight? Actually, it's partially true about "quiet time" for me. I have a couple of thought processes going on, either an agenda for the week or one of the recent processes.

The thought flow strength is different though from when I am having a hands-on experience. I think this pic I recently found on the net describes the best: The first two thoughts I have the same. The rest goes the following: Damn have watched too long in the rear mirror. Should keep more attention on the road. Well, will concentrate on the power delivery and concerings ;.

ISTP Relationships

There's a fair bit of age difference between us, so we're not particularly close, but we coexist peacefully. I don't think I would ever want to be in a romantic relationship with an ISTP, but as casual friends, I think you guys tend to be pretty cool. We get along well enough. We both value quiet time, privacy, and hard work. We have similar senses of humor. I think he finds any of my emotion-based language, usually dressed up to be humorous, fairly entertaining.

Just so long as I don't get too inquisitive about him and his emotions he's cool. Though, when we've been drinking he's far more open and even initiates those conversations himself. I got him a humorous get-well card and balloons when he was laid up in bed for a few days, kind of as a joke, and, while he looked only slightly amused, he kept the card for a couple years.