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I do that, too, so that must mean I have dyspraxia then. If I tell you about one aspect or symptom of dyspraxia, yes, you may have that, too. You walk in a weird way. With dyspraxia, we can have difficulties in social situations, particularly with new people or large groups. If you notice someone with dyspraxia who is particularly quiet, rather than pointing this out in front of the group, you could just start a conversation with this person. Say something in a really patronizing way. But when it did, it was ironic that it was someone who worked in the disability department of a university who specialized in dyslexia and dyspraxia.

But no, she spoke to me slowly and with the most patronizing tone of voice. You can just speak to us normally like you would to any other person. A teacher once told me this and pretty loudly, too. How lovely of her to make the whole class aware!

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I wish I had dyspraxia so I could use a laptop during class. Yes, someone actually said this to me. I use it to help put myself at the same level as everyone else. Thankfully not everyone is like this and there are some very understanding people out there. Not everyone who has dyspraxia will be this open about it, but for those who are, make sure you listen to their explanations rather than making assumptions.

Not sure what I do wrong, too eager not confident come across badly or women just aren't that attracted to me and if they are, I ruin it by blundering. I'm not really qualified to give tips either. I have some good female friends and they seem to value me not making passes at them If only I knew how to and more importantly had the confidence - Equally do respect any clear boundaries they lay down.

Fixers Dyspraxia Story on ITV News London, November 2013

Do talk to women as often as you can in a relaxed atmosphere as they may have friends and can often give advice. Agree there are 'disreputable' sites and often work by automatically auto renewing unless you specifically remember to cancel your subscription before a cut off date. I found E-Harmony difficult due to its over structured imho use of questions and my sometimes lack of confidence in answering them. Plenty of Fish was ostensibly free though when I was on there last year though they were offering pay services too for 'serious daters' You also have to beware of romance fraud.

Be careful it's unlikely to be as amusing as Dudley and Ting Tong off little Britain. A non Dyspraxic friend of mine went to Odessa in the Ukraine to meet some girl but found it to be an agency and she took two steps back away from him!

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Little does she know but he probably has a bob or two tucked away. Other ideas might be trying evening casses of some type or another it at least increases your chances. All the best hope some of this helps seems all to often a lot of effort for little reward but you shouldn't think about it like that as you'll most likely burn bridges that way! Tom ps Think best way is probably by networking, putting yourself out there and being noticed. I need to email the nice lady who was on a self esteem course with me the other day to see if my instincts were right as she seemed to be flirting a bit.

Hopefully I can avoid the usual crash and burn experience I seem to be master of. I spend to much time just chatting online rather than meeting anyone. Plus there a lot of time wasters and scammers. Luckily I have fallen for it! I have now decided just to stay away and find more social groups and classes. I guess it is a start!

10. When They Have Food, It WILL Get On Them

Does anyone know of meetng groups and social groups where people with dyslexia and dyspraxia meet up? I do think there is a bit less judgement passed against people for using online dating. All the best in your continuing search. He is know currently living with one of these ladies that he will go onto cheat on, or try to manipulate in some shape or form. I have tried to meet people at courses, but feel that I need friends right, now.

It is hard to meet people and I tend to have a low image of myself since I separated from my husband.

Dyspraxia and Dating – Confessions of a Young Runaholic

I think that has a lot to do with my family berating me about my looks, choices in life and the fact that I tend to not really follow the general status qua. I think that having been put down my most people that I have met seems to have affected my self-esteem over the years. I do get panic attacks when it comes to socialising in big groups of people. It is hard to meet people that I can relate too.

I tend to have become a loner in my forties, as most friends have tended to have families or moved away from the UK.

My divorce will be finalised in , and I will be starting from scratch. I am not really sure about my future.

Anyway, have a good New Year! You are not the only one also having trouble and i wish you good luck and merry Christmas, may bring us what we want.



Try to be social with people hangout with friends and there friends and go to pub, disco, bar you ll find lots of partner in there i hope you ll find your true love What an awful situation. I know it sounds like the same old cliche words, but you are definitely more fortunate without your ex if he so easily lies and just goes off with someone else like that. God, people can be so incredibly awful.

I wish you more positive years to come!