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I had gone through few introductions, the candidates are mostly of pleasant good quality I was not decided to choose for the most compatible with strongest chemistry during the beginning of friendship period. Through the constant progress review from Christine, I was attracted to last candidate finally identified my love one- Brenda! Both of us have been through some relationship challenges sort like conflicts and disagreements which normally happened on any couples relationship.

My heartfelt gratitude to Christine who really showed her passion and dedication provided us counseling and advice to resolve our conflicts which enable us to maintain our stable relationship since February ! We have planning for marriage next year end. Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I've been with your service. Before coming to you I tried a couple of online matching agencies on the 'free' list, which was not reliable. You reviewed and fine-tune my comments after my each introduction and Wow third time I was lucky that I met with Chee Hau after couples of introductions who is my ideal potential life partner that really cheer me up in my life.

We both signed up to iMatch looking for someone or something, but definitely not expecting much. From first contact we knew that there was something that stood out between us.

After meeting for a nice hot drink and numerous hours of talking, and not being able to stop talking, we both left feeling shocked about how right it all felt. Two years, endless moments and a pugalier later, we're happily married. Will never forget that it was fate and taking a chance on iMatch and trying something different that brought us together. Thanks iMatch for providing such a great opportunity to meet genuine people, opportunities that otherwise might not have been. Alex, Age 40 Mech. Vivian, 35 HR Manager. Helena, Age 31 Bank Auditor Boy friend: Vincent, Age 34 Senior Architect.

Charlotte, Age 33 System Engineer. Jessie, Age 31 Teacher Boyfriend: Chee Hau, Age 36 Businessman. Meixiang, Age 31 Teacher Boyfriend: May 9 , I was in my early 30's when i applied. My permanent gf is my age.

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I put preference of girl's age bracket minus 2 and plus 2 my age. I am not sure about the min age limit for male applicant. What's your age range? May 10 , I feel sorry for this new girl as this guy got a history of killing dogs and severe anger issues.

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Doesn't mean it will be success. Suddenly you see the date They very smart one - they say its a numbers game - so the higher no u date, the more chances u success. They say this so they can suck more money from u, so u can go for more dates.

One date around RM , remember. Out of 3, they likely slip one part timer they hired So after u fail to get all Who ask you to go to disco to buy a RM bottle? If u going with group of frens, it is worth it, u enjoying their company. If I were the match making agency my main objective is to NOT find a match for you at least in the short term and at the same time keep you hooked so that you can come back to buy more expensive package for me. Then after the date I tell you all no match and maybe if you sign up for the luxury package you will get to meet more quality girls like the last one.

That way I keep getting people back to my business.

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  • Unethical ones probably do that but paper cannot wraps fire. The news would leak and would ruin reputation of the agency. Many media you can go to and bad news can spread really fast like fb. If they stayed professional and get things done right, reputation earned and news of it spread resulting in good business and more people joining. So which is better? TS sounds like a troll.. I have a few girl friends who enrolled in this agency and i can tell you la, u wont even look at them for a one night stand.

    May 12 , But they can always counter argue and say that chemisry is dependant on individual mah. This would put a dent on TS's dating agency biz. Relaks la, forum aje. What does that got to do with me? If you got cheated by agents, then you should vent anger at them. You think i'll be that straigt forward if i do dating services here talking about ocbc, using fake english names, banning dogs and support eating dogmeats threads?

    Use your brain stupiak!

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    If real dating agents here, they'll not touch any issues that will affect their business. May 13 , So butthurt rage one.

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    If TS not promoting this biz then what? If normal people, say this is good, they will act normal but the fact TS get so offended, proves that what he says is not completely true. At least u provide them an avenue to release their frustration. Looking at your nick, u should be getting the hang of being use as a punching bag. Foreveralone may need consider your matchmaking as a medium, since online has a bad name to it QUOTE kungfugymnast May 13 , Some people just simply release anger on forum threads because they don't dare to pick on the actual party head on face to face.

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    Like some would vent anger at own family members because they got scolding by their bosses or bullied by gangsters but don't dare to fight back. May 14 , Foreveralone may need consider your matchmaking as a medium, since online has a bad name to it. May 15 , Now TS butthurt because nobody want his matchmaking service, now tell people off to go look for prostitute. People don't go for matchmaking services, they are just a way for people to make money out of you.

    Best is good old fashion chase after girl.

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    Looking at TS bad behaviour, overdefensive also know he is trying to promote it for his own gain lah, or else why take it so personal. His wife not pretty is it? She looks ok, matches my look. Not sure what's your problem here. You got problem with matchmaking agencies because you're too ugly and fat slab yet request pretty girls, better you check yourself by looking at the mirror first. Don't know much about matchmaking agencies and no links to forums where these frustrated people should vent anger that could complain to dating agents directly in public view. They can always look for someone to piap if they are lonely.

    You butthurt and jealous until you pick fight on forum. Think you need to meet psychologist. If you have guts to challenge me to street fight , i'll be pleased to accept your invitation and make the fight a legal competition. If you suffered any broken ribs, bones or permanently disabled, i walk free as these aren't covered by the contract. Are you good looking or not?

    If not, you think you match a pretty girl when you're fat slab of pork with ugly face? Why not pick someone that really matches you? Nope, she is glad to get me as her bf because she hates dogs too.