How to not give up on online dating

I wish I could nap and read whenever I wanted… that is awesome!

Why I'm giving up on online dating

My story matters always. I felt like I should comment as one of the people who messaged you to keep your heart open to online dating if it ever feels like something you wanted to try again. And even today as someone in a long distance relationship, I maintain so much of my single independence which has been super important to me because I love my life and myself on my own, most importantly.

I loved getting to know myself without the pressure or trying to be someone in a relationship. He hated online dating and was just trying it out to try and get himself back out there. I was in the same situation. Anyway this was a super long comment- sorry! It honestly surprised me that not everyone thought that giving up online dating was a good idea.

I love this post! It will always be there and you can always go back to it at a later time. For now you should focus on you!

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I love this so much! I think the relief you felt after making your decision is a great sign that this is a great idea for you this year. Oh, I can only imagine all the questions married people get about kids. I know friends who are engaged who are already getting the baby questions!

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Hi, I just stumbled on this website right now and am going through the same feelings. But Indo feel like Inhave to step away from it a bit and not have it in my head that zi need to find someone immediately. I was wonderingbzstephany-how is it going for you? Did you try online dating again, or perhaps meet someone IRL?

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Meanwhile, my other friends made online dating look easy. They were meeting people — sometimes a lot of freaks, but still. Talk about a bad omen for dating.

Giving Up on Online Dating Saved my Sanity — and my Wallet

Each month, I would watch as my bank account diminished by a hefty sum withdrawn by the dating site. The first was OKCupid, which had a decent free system of profile accessibility. I could look at profiles easily and contact people without a lot of hassle. But I found that the folks who contacted me were extra freaky.

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Even so, I opted out, having been thoroughly weirded out by the first lot of them. Then I moved on to Match. Yes, you could look at profiles for free, but you had a limited number of connections that you could make. As I developed more strategies, I would play them on loop, with the occasional unsuccessful date in between, until I decided that I had had it.

I was tired of the tedium of searching for someone, so I shut down all of my accounts and told myself that I would never return to the agonizing world of online dating again.

Why I’m Giving Up Online Dating in – Stephany Writes

Turning my romantic life into a job wasn't proving itself to be satisfying, and so I found it easier to retreat into an acceptance of being single. I didn't do online dating for many years.

I focused on the other things in my life that made me happy and believed that, if I was meant to meet someone, I would. I had a handful of dates with a handful of guys over the course of the next several years, but I never felt the kind of connection I was seeking.

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  • But in the meantime, I built an incredibly full life for myself and was happier than I had ever been. One day, the idea of putting up a profile online randomly popped into my head. I quickly dismissed the thought at first. But then I gave it a bit more thought, and realized that I was in a very different place in my life than when I had last been active in the online dating world.


    And I felt like I could take the experience a little more lightly this go round. There I was, putting up a profile again, but this time putting much less pressure on myself and my search. Within a month, I happened to come across someone I had a crush on in college but had never dated. We scheduled a coffee date to catch up and ended up spending nine hours chatting about nothing and everything like long lost friends.

    That was a year ago, and although I can't say for sure what will happen, both he and I believe that this may very well be it for us. Sure, it's a coincidence that we went to college together. But more than anything, I am grateful for my patience and acceptance of myself, and my openness to meeting or in my case, reconnecting with someone in an unconventional way. So, if you have been searching for that special someone online, but have been feeling discouraged , don't give up hope.

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    If you need to deactivate your online dating account for a period of time to gain some perspective or breathing room, so be it. But you can also try approaching the experience with patience, self-acceptance, and above all, a lightness of being about the whole experience. You never know when you might connect with a person that will take you on that perfect first date.