How to know you are dating a gentleman

A real man has a plan to make you his, and he's going to do whatever it takes. Having a plan means asking you out and planning a date that is both interesting and personal. It doesn't really matter what you're doing as long as you're having a good time and you can tell that he put thought and preparation into it.

If he takes every girl on the same exact date, he's not a man with a plan but rather with a habit and you're just part of it. A real man plans a date that is specific to the type of woman he wants to pursue. Because every woman is different, every date should be different as well. He means what he says, and says what he means.

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If he says he's going to call at a certain time, you're going to be getting a call no matter what, give or take a few minutes. If he's planning to pick you up at a certain time, you can be sure that there's going to be a car coming for you at that hour.

15 Ways You Know You’re (Finally) Dating A Gentleman

A real man does exactly what he says he's going to do and you won't have to ask him a million times for it, he'll just do it because you're worth it to him and you're important. When you're worth it and you matter to him, he's going to do whatever it takes to make you his. That's how you know he's serious and not just playing games with you. A real man doesn't date five or ten women at the same time because he's going to be giving his full attention to only one woman.

Just because you haven't had the "talk" yet about being monogamous doesn't mean that he should be out there dating half of the city. If you're important to him and he's serious about you, he's not even going to be thinking about dating other woman let alone going on dates with several women simultaneously.

He's going to be focusing his full attention on you and only you. A real man has no room for lies in his life. He's honest to you and he expects the same treatment in return. An honest man doesn't need to lie because he's not doing anything that he wants to hide from you. He's an open book because he has nothing to conceal or hide from you. He's not lying about other women or anything else that might make you think twice about dating him. A real man tells you his feelings even with the chance that you might reject him.

When you're important to him, he only tells you the truth. If he's not, then you know where you stand in his life. When a man is serious about dating you and having you in his life, he's going to make a place for you in his home and with the people closest to him. If you're well into your relationship 6 months or more then he's going to talk about moving in together.

He's going to want you around, whether that means you moving in with him or him moving in with you. He's also going to be introducing you to the most important people in his life like his friends and family because these people matter to him and now you do too. It's a sign that he wants you around and he's proud to have you. A real man knows how lucky he is to have you. He appreciates you everyday and respects you. He's not going to pick fights with you or yell at you because things don't go his way.

1. He's Going to Take Action and Ask You Out on a Date.

A real man is going to hold you up and put you on a pedestal and keep you there whether you're dating ten months or ten years. That appreciation and respect is not going to fade with time because he's always going to be afraid to lose you even when the honeymoon phase of your relationship is over.

Respecting you means he's going to do the best he can to make you happy and not hurt you in any way. Does that mean everything is always going to be perfect? No way because there's no perfect people in this world. But the fact is he's going to try and do his best and that's what matters. If you have to stop and wonder whether you're being appreciated and respected then you're not, because it should be obvious without question.

A real man is only going to stay in a long term relationship with you if he's going to eventually marry you, otherwise he will end it because he doesn't want to waste his time or yours. He's not going to lead you on and make you believe he wants to marry you, only to dump you after three years because he "wants a change" or "isn't ready to commit. He either wants to be with you for real or he doesn't. He's either serious about you or he's not, there's no in-between. If he's playing games, coming in hot and cold all the time, he's not serious, he's just playing.

Believe him and end the game by walking away. He should be comfortable enough with you to share what he wants out of his life and where you fit in. He should be able to express verbally if he wants to have a family and children and where he sees himself in ten years. Maybe he has career goals or fitness goals that he wants to make happen. A real man is going to share every part of his life with you and encourage you to do the same. He's not going to hide anything because you're an important part of his life and he wants to share his heart and soul with you.

A real man never leaves you guessing or wondering about anything. Every question that you have for him he's going to answer. If he likes you and wants to date you, you're going to hear about it from him. No matter how shy or quiet he is, a man is still a man so that hunter nature is going to to come through. Women like to think that men are so hard and complicated, when in reality they're usually very simple. Men tell us about everything we want to know if we only sit back and listen. We try to read into clues and hidden meanings when it's all really quite simple. If you really want to know something, all you have to do is ask a real man and he's going to be up front and tell you.

And if he doesn't, well then you know you're dealing with someone who is not even worth keeping in your life.

14 Ways You Know You’re Finally Dating A Gentleman

He truly loves me, and I'm not sure if I do but I feel bad for him and I don't want to be the bad guy. Should I get in a relationship with him? A man who's truly interested in you will contact and text you during the day as well. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I don't believe there is such a thing as a "fake man" unless it's a woman dressing up like a man. The term "real" is essentially fake.

There's the slogan "Real women have curves". You will never find him scrolling through his social media apps on his phone while you are talking to him. He will always be looking directly at you and actively listening. A Gentleman can carry a conversation because he is engaged in it and he is truly listening. If your date offers, you can always meet him halfway and offer as well. To a Gentleman, the assumption is that he will cover the cost, not that you will in any way. A Gentleman will never be found hanging around a locker room, or at the bar bragging about his lady, or worse, complaining about his lady.

A Gentleman will keep his relationship details to himself out of respect for his woman and their bond and trust. If you are on a date and he starts to bitch about his ex right away — RUN!

GULP — does it really exist? There is no excuse for non genuine people and those who are out of their integrity. Good, healthy relationships are built on trust, and if one person can never seem to keep their word, trust is not something that will flourish here…. This one is easy. Oh…this one is so important, so terribly important.

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This means verbally, emotionally and physically. There should be no time where you feel unsafe, unsure or where your boundaries are violated. Our Society struggles with this one, but a Gentleman is pretty clear on it.

A true gentleman is a protector of women, not an aggressor or bully. He will never lie — and this mean lying by omission as well which is popular these days. A Gentleman will make sure he is communicating fully and not keeping secrets from his partner about himself.

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  • This promotes trust, which is paramount for any successful relationship. A Gentleman will aim to get to these things first to ensure he is keeping your environment comfortable. A Gentleman is a protector, and he does not hesitate to come to the defense of the defenseless. Where he sees he is needed, he will jump in without hesitation.